Hydraulic dovetail Trailers


We are the only hydraulic dovetail manufacturer that allows you to place a minimum of 12,000lbs on the tail. We don't care where since our deck lock system removes all the weight off of the cylinders and clevis pins.

Tail lengths of 11' to 18' in the Super Tail version

For customers that need a low angle approach yet still want to use all their tail for equipment. Our deck lock is a strong triangulated structure with 5.75" cross tube and either 2.5" x1/4" square tube or for semi trailers 3" or 4" 1/4" wall square tube

Available as a gooseneck, pintle hitch , bumper pull or step deck trailer

Our hydraulic dovetail will go to dock height to allow loading from a dock. Tail will go low enough to lift rear of trailer off of ground to change a flat tire. Oak decking, Rumber (rubber) decking, Apitong (looks like Mahogany but much stronger.

Hydraulics and the options

Standard hydraulics are powered by 12v Monarch (American made0 pumps, your wet kit from truck, our 13-24hp gas engine with electric start for higher volume options such as hydraulic winches.

Hydraulic jacks (which are separately controlled left and right, 50,000lb lift capacity. 

Air ride suspension with auto ride height control and dump valve to lower the deck as low as possible for loading and unloading.

HIgher GVW iwth up to 16" 35lb Ibeam

Brute is the only manufacturer to build a compound folding hydraulic dovetail trailer

Available from 7' + 3' up to 11' + 7'. this option has a fail safe deck lock system that also locks the flip-out tail section during transport even in the rare event you somehow loose hydraulic pressure.

Dexter or Meritor axles are standard. Brake systems are electric, electric/hydraulic or air brakes

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