Flatbed and Flatbed dovetail trailers

27+5 flatbed dovetail flip over flush ramps. 25,000lb gvw

All of our trailers come standard with DOT approved sealed wire harness, bolt on jacks (easy removal too repair if you leave it down and drive away bending it), rear load jacks (,keeps the rear of your trailer on the ground when loading heavy equipment), Exclusively Dexter  adjustable (alignable) suspension. Hutch or air ride is available

20+5 flatbed dovetail, 25,000lb gvw, 2 way spring loaded ramps, optional aluminum wheels

25,000lb gvw trailers use American made A50 grade of 12" x 19# Ibeam. Mig welded using ER70S wire, all but joints magnafluxed for integrety and zero porosity. Standard tires are radial 235-80-16 10 ply tires. 14 ply, 16& 18 ply on 17.5" wheels available

35'+5' flat bed, dovetail with 3 12K axles, 8' deck on the neck, extra large chain box.

Deck on the neck, 2 speed jacks, 14" 26lb Ibeam, 22 x 14 x 48" chain box up front.Ours will handle three 5 gallon jugs of fuel

Torque tube for anti sway control

We primarly use 3" rectangular tube crossmembers for strength (92,000psi)

Rumber flooring (ground up tires and melted plastic. This material is a 10000 year life floor

Pierced beam construction (lowers the deck by 4.5") diamond or smooth plate over the tires. Cross members for Rumber flooring is 8" on center. We only use 5/16" deck screws.

Deluxe model popup dovetail with skinned ramp tops

Our popup is heavier than most therefore we use dual gas springs to lift the popup up. Lifts with 2 finders. Locks in the up or down position